Vicki-Lea Boulter Exhibition – Torquay 2016

Exhibition 2016 Poster

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If you want to keep in touch with all my latest images and news – why not head on over to my Facebook page! The Image below ‘Aurora’ is my most favourite from a series of images I am doing of the beauiful Avisha – Make-up by Estelle Cole.

Star Wars Super Hero! Creative Kids Photography – Capturing Images of Your Children Through Play

Well! My Facebook page caused a bit of a stir this week after the post you see below was viewed over 17,000 times! Featuring the lovely Jacob; after a visit to my studio from him and his lovely family of Star Wars enthusiasts!

I first met Natalie and Craig when I photographed their son Jabob in a super hero ‘Creative Kids Portrait’ back last year, and then again when I photographed their wedding also last year. So when they came back for a shoot recently, to transform Jacob into a Star Wars Superhero, I have to admit I was thrilled to bits being a secret Star Wars geek myself!

The image was created with lots of different composite images of Jacob dressed in all of his different Star Wars themed outfits, and the special effects using Photoshop brushes, and techniques. I have to say, Jacobs ability to play out the character for each of his Super heros was amazing being so young, and without any effort and only fun – we captured all of the images required to make this mock poster ‘The Jacob Menace’ for his bedroom wall!

I have to say it’s the most fun I have ever had editing… my son has even now asked for a picture like this and he is 21!!!!

If anyone else would like to turn their children’s fantasy’s into reality, or would like to know more about my children’s work which is about portraiture through play, please CLICK HERE!

….and…. when you book your session, use this voucher code: KIDS25 and I will give you a whopping £25 off of your shoot!

Thank you young Jacob Padawan – for being a Star Wars Super Hero! – I enjoyed every minute!

Vicki xx

Creative Photography & Digital Art Workshop

If you are interesting in expanding your creative editing skills to a whole new level – this should not be missed! One UK Workshop planned for 2016 – for further details


Awarded a Blue Ribbon in the Photo Art Magazine – Prague, International Photography Salon

Very pleased to have been awarded a Blue Ribbon this week by The FIAP (Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique) – this is the first time I have ever received an award from the FIAP and am delighted to hear that it was for my image of model ‘Paula Hames’ ‘Missing’. This picture has been published extensively, now won 4 International Awards (PSA, FIAP, RPS, SWPP) and been selected for exhibitions in 3 different Continents! Making it my most successful image to date! Many thanks to the judges at Photo Art Magazine – Prague . :)


Grand Prix Winner – 1st China Zhejiang Qiandao Lake Photography Contest, PSA Gold Medal, Silver RPS Medal, FIAP Blue Ribbon, SWPP Gold Award


Silver Medal in the 93rd Scottish International Salon of Photography 2016

This week I have been awarded the GPU (Global Photographic Union) Silver Medal for my image Crystals of Model Paige (featured below). Many thanks to the judges :)

Gold Award – SWPP – Digital Art

Jorgensen 14×11 Print Presentation Boxes Now Available

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I am delighted to now offer our my customers a selection of beautiful Jorgensen presentation products to show off their portfolio’s and photographs.

My favorite is the beautiful 14×11 Portfolio Print Box (featured above) which features 20 fully mounted images in both Satin or Matt prints… I’ve just received mine from South West Photo Mounts and the Quality is fantastic.

If any of my clients would like to see samples let me know – these are a great way to show off your pictures to perfection!

Vicki x

GOLD MEDAL – In the World’s Largest Photographic Exhibition – The Trienenberg Super Circuit


It gives me great pleasure to announce that today I have been Awarded a Gold Medal by The Trienenberg Super Circuit for my Image of beautiful model Kayleigh –  ‘Cirque’!

Over the last 20 years the TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT has attracted hundreds of thousands of pictures from nearly all the countries around the world. It is by far the largest annual competition of photography on the globe.

It is the aim of this competition to find out the very best photography from different styles, techniques and genres. It is the task of an international panel of judges to select the very best entries and to distribute prestigious awards….. so to also have 23 of my images selected for their Exhibition makes me so very proud!

This morning I have also received an invitation to the Gala Awards Ceremony in Vienna to collect my Gold medal – so with that and traveling to China to be awarded my prize and medals for the 1st China Zhejiang Qiandao Lake Photography Contest which I won last week, I am going to be one well traveled lady before the year is out!

Many Thanks to the judges and everyone at The Trienenberg Super Circuit.

Vicki x


GOLD MEDAL AND GRAND PRIX WINNER of the 1st China Zhejiang Qiandao Lake photography contest!

gI was extremely delighted to receive the news yesterday that I have not only been awarded a Gold PSA Medal in China today in the ‘Colour’ catagory; for my image ‘Missing’ of the beautiful Paula Valpy, but I also received the title of GRAND PRIX WINNER! I’m still in shock!
This is one of my own personal favourite images, as it was created to capture a specific moment in the models life.

I am beyond excited to have been invited by the hosts of the competition, to join them in China later in a few weeks for a special Presentation event where I will be awarded my incredible prizes and medals.

Huge thanks to the judges of the 1st China Zhejiang Quiandao Lake Photography Contest for selecting my image. I am beyond happy with this result and very much looking forward to meeting you all during my trip to China!

Vicki x


2 Golds from the USA! – The Atlantic International Photographic Exhibition 2016

Delighted to hear this week that I have been awarded The PSA Gold Medal (Photographic Society of America) for my image ‘We Are Three’ and The GPU Gold Medal (Global Photographic Union) for my images ‘We Are Three’ ‘Missing’ ‘Crystals’ and ‘Head’.

These were awarded by The Atlantic International Photographic Exhibition 2016 in New Jersey, USA.

Many Thanks to The Atlantic Institute of Photography – I’m thrilled to bits!

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Featured in Photoshop Creative – Feb 2016

Vicki-Lea Boulter FSWPP – Awarded Fellowship- By The Societies – Jan 2016

Photographer of the Year – NOMINATED!

Well it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, so I thought I’d do a little catch up as I have had such a great couple of months – thought I’d share some of the things I have been up to! Firstly I was published in a Tattoo magazine. The image (below) features Tattoo artist Dave Perry at his studio in Torquay ‘Revolver’.


Featuring Dave Perry @Revolver

I was also published in Professional Imagemaker Magazine, with a 10 page feature which talks about Portraiture as Art and the Masterclass that I am doind at the Photography Convention in January. But the best thing – my image of Paige Frost as ‘Ms Christmas’ from my series of images ‘Behind Every Great Man’ was featured on the front cover! Professional Imagemaker is one of my favourite magazines, so I am very proud of this!

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And now we are into December and the good news keeps coming! This month I have received 4 Gold Awards, 2 For December and 2 Upgrades… The First 2 of Paige…. The cover Image, and the Reindeer image (which took me ages shooting and editing Reindeer to look right!) plus my image of Charlotte Crews as a refugee girl ‘Your World, My Dream’ and my first art nude image ‘Joined’ illustrating sexuality. (Below)

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Finally and most importantly – I have been nominated for Photographer of the Year, not once but twice! The categories I am a finalist in are ‘Digital Art’ and ‘Avant Garde’. It’s not the first time I’ve been nominated, and I have never won – so I have no expectations at all, but I am delighted that my hard work this year has gained me a nomination. When you produce pictures like mine, you cannot expect them to appeal to everyone, so it is unlikely I have won but how cool to get nominated – thrilled to bits!!! I would recommend all Photographers enter The Societies Monthly Competitions, it really isn’t about the winning… but it will build your confidence, inspire you to work harder, and if you are lucky – reward you with Gold! The Awards night is on the 23rd January 2016 and is being held at The London Hilton Metrapole Hotel. With my dearest friend Hannah and my daughter Jodie there with me to share the celebration of being nominated (and to share a glass of wine or two!) it is sure to be a great night for everyone attending….

I probably wont be writing on here again until the new year, so all that is left for me to do is thank everyone for your support of my work during 2015 and to wish you all a very happy and restful Christmas and New Year….

I hope for love and peace the world over for 2016.

Vicki xx

Behind My Pictures…. Behind The Masks

Just found out I have been awarded 3 Golds and 2 HC’s for 5 images this month, in the SWPP Monthly Competitions and I really could not be happier!

I use my image making as a way of telling a story, and this month the 5 images selected all have a story to tell …so in this blog I thought I’d give you an insight into the things that go on in my head and a brief description of the images which have been given awards.

‘Be Still My Beating Heart’ – Gold Award ‘Pictorial’

A couple of weeks ago sitting on the number 32 bus coming back from the studio; I was sat behind two old ladies talking about the refugee crisis. Their take on the situation was very different to my own but never the less very interesting to hear! One of them mentioned something she had heard about which had happened off of the cost of Kos, and made reference to a Greek woman who took out her fishing boat every evening in the hope of saving any refugees who may be too weak to swim to shore… ‘silly bugger, she’ll get herself killed!’ (Her words not mine). The way the Greek lady was described by the woman on the bus was very different to how I was imagining this person. A selfless woman, with a big heart, risking her own life in a beaten up boat to save the lives of others… hero’s come in all forms… what a wonderful woman, and far from a silly old bugger as far as I’m concerned!

‘I’m Fine’ – Highly Commended ‘Portrait Avant Garde’

I'm Fine

This image is of a very dear friend of mine, who is struggling with illness at the moment. I asked him to describe to me how he was feeling and the answer was mostly frustration…. If he could only find the key to his medical condition to unlock the answer to restoring his health again, he would not feel so heart broken. I called this image ‘I’m Fine’ because this is someone who puts on a brave face on the outside, and for that I admire him (being the whinging drama queen that I am myself!)

‘Shiner’ – Gold Award ‘Open Avant Garde’

This image is a conceptual image to illustrate domestic abuse. It is in no way an image relevant to the model in the picture who is in a very happy relationship!

I have wanted to put this picture together for a while. The expression ‘Give someone a shiner’ revolts me. It refers to giving a person a black eye – i.e. hitting them so hard that their eyes turn black and blue. We refer to stars and gold and silver and the treasures that Magpies collect as shiny. Abuse is not shiny – abuse is dull, dark and there is nothing shiny about it.

‘Crystals’ – Gold Award ‘Digital Art’

Paige – the model in my image ‘Crystals’ came to me to pose for a Christmas editorial project I am working on. I had no intention of doing an Avant Garde Portrait of this kind. But having chatted to her for a while during the shoot I really wanted to capture her personality in an image – and this was what I came up with messing around in Photoshop.

I admired Paige  greatly. She has an absolutely stunning face and it radiates from every single capture I took of her. I wanted Paige to look like a Sci-Fi style Queen because that is just how I see her! Sci-fi because Paige is young and very modern with her blue dread-locked hair, and a queen because she has powerful and strong personality traits which I admire massively in any female I meet. Paige loves modelling and is ambitious along with it, but what I love about Paige is her self respect, her high standards, she will not be talked in to shooting any kind of images she is not comfortable with, and I wish all young female models were more like Paige… she is a role model to young models everywhere.

Thank you to Estelle Cole who created the make-up and hair for this shoot. Another female with great talent just like Paige… this shoot was certainly a ‘Girl Power’ day!

‘Paige’ – Highly Commended

I had no intention of entering this image in to the competition, but another photographer pointed out to me, that the black and white version of the image used for ‘Crystals’ really brings out the emotion of Paige’s eyes. And though I see her as a strong queen like force to be reckoned with… her eyes tell a much more gentle story, the loving, gentle caring side….

Thanks to the SWPP and thanks to everyone in the pictures!

Vicki x

Professional Imagemaker Magazine Article

Very pleased to have been featured in this months Professional Imagemaker.

The article discusses how I come up with my images and features several of my personal favourite images.


Something a Bit Different From Me…

This month I decided to push my boundaries and have been having a go at ‘Art Nude’ imagery. I would definitely say I am a total amateur at this genre but thought I would give it a go, putting my spin on it a little!

I am delighted this week to have received a Highly Commended from the Societies, for this conceptual image – illustrating a person’s battle with their own sexuality…. ‘Joined’.

Hope you like it!


Practicle Photoshop Magazine

Very pleased to have been published this month in Practical Photoshop Magazine on pages 1 & 2!

Page one features a full page image of model Alanah Miller in one of my personal favourite images ‘Aquamarina’. And page two features ‘We are Three’ and ‘The Complexities of Bubbles’.

Practical Photoshop Magazine

To purchase for only £1.99 – CLICK HERE!

SWPP Monthly Competition – Gold & 2 HC’s!

Very pleased to receive a Gold and 2 Highly Commended Awards today in this months SWPP Competitions.

My Gold was for my image ‘Borg’ of model Gemma Blackburn, and my HC’s were for ‘Malady’ featuring fellow photographer and dear friend Graham Warwick, and for ‘Tribe’ featuring model Hannah Williams.

Many Thanks to the SWPP, I am pretty sure their competition has been the thing which has inspired me most to work hard and improve my skills over the years….

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Vicki-Lea Boulter – Speaking at the Permajet Open Day

Looking forward to being one of the speakers at the PermaJet​ Open Day in Stratford-upon-Avon on the 28th November.
If you are attending, make sure you come and say hi after! :)

Where: PermaJet, 1a Black Hill Industrial Estate, Warwick Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 0PT (map)
Description: PermaJet once again opens it’s doors to the public on a day of learning and events all geared around photogrpaphy and the skillful art of printing. This is a day not to be missed! PermaJet host a number of photographic brands, conveniently located in the centre of the UK, in the spiritual home of William Shakespeare – Stratford-upon-Avon. With more details to come later in the year, we guarantee it will be bigger and better than ever, so register below to make sure you are the first to know:

BLOG: My Flickr Moment – Why I Photograph Children – filmed by Flickr /

The Weekly Flickr

It would be fair to say I feel very uncomfortable on the other side of the camera!

Going to London to be filmed by Yahoo for ‘The Weekly Flickr’ moment would go down as possibly the hardest thing I’ve had to do!

I have always felt quite uncomfortable photographing a person sitting before me in front of a static background, not only in my children’s creative portraits but in my Avant Garde Adult Portraiture too. I know how excruciating I myself find this, so why would I expect anyone else to feel comfortable with it?

So in my work I have always sought out the personality behind the pretty face and tried to inject that back into the image taken with a very alternative style of editing during post production.

The very essence of a child is to inquire, play, learn, ooze energy and to take in the world around them and all that it has to offer them – they are just small human beings after all, with a sponge like quality to soak up everything that is presented to them, which will form the adult they will become.

As someone who is going to produce an image for this child, an image that they are going to see themselves in; I feel some responsibility.

I want to produce an image for that child which is like a magic mirror. An image which instead of  reflecting a person grinning back because the photographer told them to, or a picture of a child wearing the clothes that mum picked for them; I want them to see staring back an image which reflects all the magic and dreams which goes on in their creative little mind, the fantasies which they act out in play every day. I want to capture  the absolute brilliance of childhood; the dreams, the hope, the ambitions and the love of all things magical… those days when you believed anything was possible in your life… the days before society kicked in and smashed the hell out of the things we thought were achievable once upon a time as a child.

In my studio children can be ANYTHING. Telling a child to sit down, look pretty and be quiet can have a detrimental effect, there is none of that when you come to me for a picture!

Hopefully when the children I have worked with look at their images in 20 years time, my greatest wish is that they are going to see the awesome kid they were, and be reminded of the magic of their childhood and not just see that dress that mum loved. (But you didn’t – not really!)

Here is the serious bit, the boring bit about why I do this….

Someone once said to me: ‘Big changes in society will only ever come from each of us individually making some small change in our own small way’….

We live in a society filled with people struggling with their personal appearance and body dysmorphia (myself included). When we log in to social media we are faced daily with a whole generation of teenagers worldwide obsessed with selfies, worried about how they look and worrying whether society will accept them because they are too fat, too thin, too ugly, and that they do not look how others would like them to.

Surely it is time to point out to these young impressionable people that yes it feels nice to look good and it is important to stay healthy, but really your appearance is just a superficial shell protecting the very essence of YOU the person, and not as important as the concoction of things which come together inside you which forms the person you have become.

Should a teen girl worry that she might not get a boyfriend because she doesn’t look like a porn star or her boobs aren’t big enough? Isn’t it time we started trying to teach our children from a very young age that how they look is not the most important thing in life, but actually confidence, self fulfillment, having ambition, being content and just being happy with the person you have become when you grow up is worth so much more?

We as parents, photographers, people who work with children, adults in general…. can make a change in how a small child sees themselves from a very young age.

Children can be ANYTHING with a little bit of confidence, a lot of hard work and the support, love and encouragement from the people around them. Left to explore their imagination and creativity, given the confidence to believe in themselves – armed with these tools, just maybe we would see a future generation of children that don’t battle with anorexia and bulimia, children who are not frightened to stand up for themselves, people who are not prepared to sit down, look pretty, and be quiet…. a future generation of people who are content and happy, now wouldn’t that be something?

For years I  have struggled with both my own personal and professional identity… It has taken a lot of soul-searching to come to terms with the person I am.

I worry about my weight and health on  a daily basis, and so I understand all the problems and anxieties which come with not looking the way society expects you to.

On a professional level too…. Am I a photographer or a digital artist?

Purist artists argue that having shot 300 weddings prior to starting my creative journey, and the fact that I started out learning the processes and filters I now use in Photoshop – in a dark room, and that the main image I work on is a photograph taken in a photographic studio….that I am a photographer. Purist photographers argue that my use of digital art and mixed media processes to achieve my final piece, makes me not a photographer but a digital artist or a retoucher. One thing is for certain, it has been a lonely place at times trying to stay true to the images that I believe I was meant to create, but it’s been worth hanging on in there because I am finally starting to see people looking at the images I create, and understanding the passion and ideas behind them.

There comes a time when you have to stop worrying about how you look to the outside world and be happy with the person that you are within!


Filming this for Flickr has really made me take a good look at both myself and my work, and really made me analyze why I do what I do, and it’s simple;

I use the skills I have picked up over the years – since I myself was one of those children with loads of magical dreams, ideas and creativity, to now recognize those qualities in others.

Armed with the encouragement my mum gave me growing up and the support I now receive from a loving husband, family and friends; I make images of people that reflect the super kick ass person they really are!

I would like to think that if just one person looks at an image that I have created for them; and sees looking back at them a creation that reminds them of the person they REALLY are and a person they feel proud to be… then my job is done.

Thank you Yahoo and The Weekly Flickr for giving me the opportunity to get my message across in my own small way!

Vicki x