Something For Larry…

Not so long ago a friend of mine, Mr Alistair Law (known to his friends as Larry) suggested that I held an exhibition of my work. He wanted me to show photographers how the medium of photography is developing, and how photography can be used to create art by introducing different genres of creativity such as drawing by hand and digital art to create a whole new genre of photography which we playfully referred to as ‘Penography’ – the collaboration of design and photography.

Yesterday was the first day of my very first exhibition, and sadly Larry who I had hoped would have been there with me, was not able to attend, as he sadly passed away in September of last year. Therefor I would like to dedicate my first exhibition to dearest Alistair ‘Larry’ Law.

I am pleased to report that yesterday was a rip-roaring success! After a few hiccups with the initial installation, and with help from Mum, Dylan and my dear friend Clare Whalley, we pulled it off and I really do think it looks FANTASTIC!

The exhibition is being held at Seale-Hayne in the Hannah’s exhibition rooms, and I could not have chosen a better venue quite frankly! Set in the countryside of Newton Abbot, this beautiful building hosts an array of other craft rooms selling items such as jewellery, the countries largest hydro pool and a great Bistro if you fancy something to eat! The grounds and building are stunningly beautiful alike, I would recommend everyone pay us a visit, if only to experience Hannahs!

This month I have experienced a lot of publicity worldwide for the Children’s photography shoots I do. With the Likes of ‘The Times’, The Daily Mail (SEE HERE!) taking an interest it seems my alternative approach to photographing children through play instead of making them sit, be quiet, and smile; has really taken off! The idea of the shoots are for children to explore their own ideas through play and dressing up, to then be captured in a final image which will capture their personality and aspirations whilst they are still young. Why make our children sit still, and look pretty, when we can capture their amazing personalities! Are we not just instilling the idea in our children from a young age by making them pose and look pretty, that what they look like for a photo is more important than just being themselves and having confidence in the way they want to act?

For anyone who wishes to book one of my children’s shoots, I am doing a special half price offer of only £75 (usually £150), for any parents who visit the exhibition and wish to book a shoot whilst they are there. Also on sale this month at the exhibition is my book of children’s portraiture, aptly named; ‘I Can Be Anything’ – a collaboration of poems written by the parents of the children featured and my images. A donation from each book sold is being donated to the children’s charity ‘Little Princess Trust’.

If you haven’t already been to see the exhibition, please come along. It will be running daily from 10-4pm right through January til the 31st of January, and if yesterday’s feedback is anything to go by, I think you are going to like it!

Vicki x


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