Children’s Book Competition…

After my decision to create another children’s book, and knowing what I wanted it to be about; I deciding the main characters and the superstars of this book had to be real children rather than models. I wanted real children, with real ambitions, real emotions, real problems and real qualities…. and so I decided to create a competition to find the right little people for the job! This book is about how the future generation (your children), are almost definitely going to be, the people we rely on to save the planet we are living on…. yes, tomorrows actual real life superhero’s!

Parents and friends were invited to comment and vote for individual children, and the comments played a huge part in helping me get a glimpse at what the child was like and what others thought of them!

When I set up this competition I anticipated maybe 50 people entering their children in to the competition, and I had planned to have 6 characters. To my amazement however we had over 3oo children enter, and with more and more applying I decided to cut the deadline short as my job of selecting 6 individuals was becoming near on impossible! During the development of the characters it was decided that there was a need for a further 2 super cool heros for the book…. we were now looking for 8!

So tonight all 8 children are selected.

I must tell you, I have agonized over choosing each and every one of these 8 characters! Night after night I have selected 20 children and then systematically thought through how each child might work best in the book, and as which character. Every child was considered for every part. Every child with their own winning qualities. It’s been very difficult but I am pleased with the final selection for the main characters.

I still feel that every child that was entered in to this competition is worthy of having a part in my book. And it is for that reason I made a monumental decision this week; for the 297 children who were runners up in my competition, I would like to invite you ALL to pose for a group photograph in the summer holidays which will be used in the story in the book…. every single one of the children who were entered in to my competition are now winners ….as you are all now invited to appear in the book! I will post details on my wall in the last week of June for all the parents who’s children took part, with details of this shoot, and if you would like your child to attend then simply message me with your child’s name and what number image they were in the competition and you will be given the shoot details.

So before I declare the final 8… the 8 up and coming superstars of my book, I would like to take this opportunity to say 2 more things…

Firstly, thank you all for showing this competition, my work and me so much continued support, I really do love my job. I’m always overwhelmed by how supportive and kind everyone is, and I really do mean it when I say THANK YOU.

Secondly, I just wanted to say congratulations to all you parents for raising these amazing little people. The comments I have read about these kids have literally made me laugh, made me cry and reminded me how wonderful being a parent is. We are all blessed, and with two grown up children of my own, this competition has pointed out to me that really the true winners/the lucky ones are us!

Vicki x

– I have been receiving lots of drawings of the characters from the children… keep them coming! We hope to publish some of them, and I love them all and am decorating part of the studio with them! x