GOLD MEDAL – In the World’s Largest Photographic Exhibition – The Trienenberg Super Circuit


It gives me great pleasure to announce that today I have been Awarded a Gold Medal by The Trienenberg Super Circuit for my Image of beautiful model Kayleigh –  ‘Cirque’!

Over the last 20 years the TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT has attracted hundreds of thousands of pictures from nearly all the countries around the world. It is by far the largest annual competition of photography on the globe.

It is the aim of this competition to find out the very best photography from different styles, techniques and genres. It is the task of an international panel of judges to select the very best entries and to distribute prestigious awards….. so to also have 23 of my images selected for their Exhibition makes me so very proud!

This morning I have also received an invitation to the Gala Awards Ceremony in Vienna to collect my Gold medal – so with that and traveling to China to be awarded my prize and medals for the 1st China Zhejiang Qiandao Lake Photography Contest which I won last week, I am going to be one well traveled lady before the year is out!

Many Thanks to the judges and everyone at The Trienenberg Super Circuit.

Vicki x



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