Star Wars Super Hero! Creative Kids Photography – Capturing Images of Your Children Through Play

Well! My Facebook page caused a bit of a stir this week after the post you see below was viewed over 17,000 times! Featuring the lovely Jacob; after a visit to my studio from him and his lovely family of Star Wars enthusiasts!

I first met Natalie and Craig when I photographed their son Jabob in a super hero ‘Creative Kids Portrait’ back last year, and then again when I photographed their wedding also last year. So when they came back for a shoot recently, to transform Jacob into a Star Wars Superhero, I have to admit I was thrilled to bits being a secret Star Wars geek myself!

The image was created with lots of different composite images of Jacob dressed in all of his different Star Wars themed outfits, and the special effects using Photoshop brushes, and techniques. I have to say, Jacobs ability to play out the character for each of his Super heros was amazing being so young, and without any effort and only fun – we captured all of the images required to make this mock poster ‘The Jacob Menace’ for his bedroom wall!

I have to say it’s the most fun I have ever had editing… my son has even now asked for a picture like this and he is 21!!!!

If anyone else would like to turn their children’s fantasy’s into reality, or would like to know more about my children’s work which is about portraiture through play, please CLICK HERE!

….and…. when you book your session, use this voucher code: KIDS25 and I will give you a whopping £25 off of your shoot!

Thank you young Jacob Padawan – for being a Star Wars Super Hero! – I enjoyed every minute!

Vicki xx


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