My First Book Cover!


So this month I create my first book cover for fab sci-fi author Richard Dee.


Myra – by Richard Dee

The book is called Myra and all being well should be published in March 2017, I literally cannot wait to see it in print!

Myra is a prequel to Richard’s book ‘Freefall’, and is about a a female character who is half human half machine, but I’m not going to give anymore than that away, you will have to go out and get a copy – as this proves to be an exciting read! As soon as it is is in publication I shall let you know!

The character of Myra on the cover of the book is modeled by Alana Miller. Richard having seen my exhibition this summer, had seen a different image I had done of the model, and just knew that Alana should be the face of Myra.

I would like to thank Richard for giving me this opportunity, he’s a great guy and I really enjoyed designing my first book cover, and I am hoping this will be the first of many…. So if you are an author GET IN TOUCH!!!


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