Only A Woman


Only A Woman

Gender based crime is nothing new.
Throughout history worldwide, violence has been used against women as a mechanism to force women into subordinate lives.
In the modern day society that we live in which recognizes equality, you would think these forms of abuse would be a thing of the past but that couldn’t be further from the truth…

According to the World Health Organization 1 in 3 women throughout the world will experience sexual or physical violence in their lifetime.

70% of the population living in absolute poverty are women

An estimated 603 million women are living in countries where domestic violence is not yet classed as a crime.

250 million females alive today were married under the age of 15.

Shocking? These facts are just the tip of the iceberg, the list goes on and on… Female genital mutilation, rape, human trafficking, the abuse of refugees and volatile women and children living in war zones.

It’s hard to comprehend the magnitude of gender based crime that is happening all around us. And the problem is so depressingly vast that as a woman, I have been sat reading about the subject and am sat writing this blog to accompany my latest image wondering what the hell can I as an individual to help other women in these situations? The simple truth – not much. As one person, one woman just going about my every day life there isn’t a whole lot I can do to solve the problems women all over the world are facing….
But I am not just one woman on my own. I am one of 3 and a half billion women who are currently residing on this planet with me. And as a gender we should be looking after one another better.

There are incredible organizations like out there, who’s sole purpose is to promote women’s rights internationally.
If I myself show support to womankind, and if every woman that reads this blog clicks on THIS LINK and at least likes Womankind’s Facebook page, perhaps in some small way our unity will help other women around the world.

Gender Based Crimes need to STOP.

That person who is suffering is not ‘Only a Woman’.

– She’s is someone’s mother, she is a daughter, a carer, a business women and a person with dreams. She is a woman with the human right to feel safe, just like you and I.



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